Your eyes,
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Welcome to Eyecenter

Good vision is important for good quality of life. Our team of seven ophthalmologists and fourteen staff members are here to offer you the best possible eye care with the latest technologies at 4 locations, namely in Sint-Martens-Latem, Merelbeke, Gavere, and Eeklo.

A life without glasses or contact lenses

Are you dreaming of a life without glasses or contact lenses? For many years, our eye centre has specialised in treatments to replace glasses and lenses:

Free eye scan and steps towards a glasses-free life

Every pair of eyes and everyone’s habits and expectations are different. That’s why we determine the most suitable treatment together that best suits you. If in doubt, request a free eye scan. Or start your journey with a comprehensive pre-operative examination.

Eye conditions and treatments

Our eyes are susceptible to various eye diseases and conditions. Our team is at your service to treat each eye condition appropriately and with the most advanced technology.

Our patients’ experiences

Your satisfied look, your restored vision – that is what drives our commitment to provide every patient with the best possible eye care. Discover how our patients have experienced their treatment with us.