EYECENTER LATEM was established in 2007 by ophthalmologist Dr. Fernand De Wilde as one of the first Belgian private clinics specialized in ophthalmology. Our purpose consists of offering an efficient service in the niche eyecare/eye surgery, and this in a tranquil, proffesional atmosphere. Customer focus and accessibility are our centre of focus. A friendly reception, a team of 12 high-educated niche professionals are available to resolve your ocular issues. Over the years we have specialized in a broad spectrum of eye corrections such as laser eye surgery, eyelid corrections, clear lens exchange and treatment of cataract and macular degeneration. Most of these operations take place at the operating room of the Eyecenter.
On April 22nd, the Eyecenter in Eeklo opened its new practice EYECENTER EEKLO .
You can reach us by telephone at 09/377.17.78. You will be helped by the ophthalmologist Dr. Caroline Dauwe, the optometrist Jolien and the secretary Tania. The “Eyecenter Eeklo” comes up with :
· Cataract and retina issues therapy
· Performing laser eye surgery and eyelid surgery
· Glaucoma treatment
Hence, there’s a tight cooperation with the Eye Center in St-Martens Latem, the Belgian Centre for laser eye-surgery in Baarle-Drongen and the AZ St Lucas in Ghent. We are open from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 18:00 on working days. There is also access to a large parking area.

For the first time in Belgium

Dr. De Wilde was the first in Belgium to use the unique Catalys laser system. This technique can be used for patients who wish to be treated for cataract or for those wishing a refractive replacement of the lens in order to enjoy life freely, without glasses.
Catalys laser system for clear lens replacement and cataract treatment.
The “Catalys precision laser system” allows us to accomplish laser-controlled surgery of the lens. Up to now, all surgical interventions were a manual matter causing sometimes complications such as : a gash in the casing, corneal edema, wrong centering of the artificial lens, residuum astigmatism , …
These complications are reduced to a strict minimum due to the use of a very accurate (to within 1 micrometer) infrared laser system and 3D imaging. This new technology allows us to treat eyes in an utmost efficient way compared to the former surgical interventions. As less energy is being put into the eye, the recovery is faster. In the treatment of presbyopia ( old age farsightedness ), the Premium lens ( multifocal artificial lens ) will perfectly, and on a long term, remain centered in the eye through the use of the Catalyslaser. In that way, your eyes will forever keep up with a good vision, from afar as well as from close, after the laser treatment.

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ReLEx Smile laser eye-surgery

Creating a corneal flap in LASIK has now been superseded by the use of the “Smile” technology. The name stands for Small Incision Lenticular Extraction. This revolutionary new technology will soon be applied in BOLC by Dr. De Wilde. The correction of myopia and astigmatism can now be fully performed in “one step” with a laser (the femtosecond laser) and offers many advantages. The technique gives less “dry eye” problem postoperatively because there’s no longer need to make a flap. The nerves in the cornea are hardly damaged. It is similar to the evolution of open abdominal surgery to keyhole surgery. The stability, integrity of the cornea, and the night vision are better after surgery than with the conventional flap-technique. The reduced setting in which we operate also increases the precision.

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